August 2013 Q & A

We switched formats for this month from our usual CAKE Study presentations.

2013 International Float ConferenceWhile we absolutely LOVE holding regular CAKEpdx meetings and helping early stage entrepreneurs, we have to pay the bills. The month of August was a huge month for the team over at Float On.

Ashkahn led the way in organizing the 2013 International Float Conference held at the Portland Center for Performing Arts in Portland, Oregon. Nearly 300 entrepreneurs, scientists, and float enthusiasts gathered to discuss the Float Tank Industry and the direction it’s heading.

Instead of working with one particular business we opened up the forum for a community Q&A. The discussion focused on financing startups, crowdfunding, bootstrapping an idea and more. Pretty much all of the questions we have already covered in a previous CAKE session. Remember you can find our past talks by browsing through our catalog of Helpful Videos.