Business Resources

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their dream.

We’ve taken time to build a thorough list of business resources to get any early-stage entrepreneur started. Our list of resources for entrepreneurs include:

Our Blog

A chronological account of our previous workshops.
Sprinkled with a mix of random business tips.

Helpful Videos

We like to talk… a lot! These lectures are proof.

Handy Worksheets

There’s nothing wrong with a little cheat sheet.
Keep these CAKE sheets handy they next time you’re working on your business.

CAKE Studies

Talk is cheap. These case studies are proof that we know how to build businesses.

Community ShowCAKEs

Meet Local Entrepreneurs. Get to Know Their Story. Learn From Their Experience.

More Resources by Other Awesome People…

The following websites, books, and blogs are some of our favorite sources of information:

Websites Worth Reading:

Podcasts We Listen To:

Books We Recommend: