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Sometimes all you need is a little extra guidance before you’re ready for super stardom. Take a look at our premium services below for a better idea of what we can truly offer you:

Consulting Services

We can help take your business to the next level. Contact us today for more information.
Graham Talley Business Consulting

WordPress Websites

Derek will help you build a simple website for your small business. Unless you’re strictly an online business, we believe that spending thousands of dollars on your first website is just silly. Start up small and grow with your website by visiting

Float Tank Solutions

With all of the information we provide, you could easily start up your own version of Float On. In fact, with our premium guides found on Float Tank Solutions, you will have everything you need to start your own float center.

Invest in yourself (and your business), by boosting your design, sales, and copy with…

Brandgasm 101