My sales process is long and sample/demos cost me a lot of money. How can I find customers who are serious to pay quicker?

When you’re dealing with large contracts, sometimes this is a necessary cost of doing business.

However if you find that people are just using you for a demo and then moving on, it may be time to examine your sales process. If you’re a web-based service or software, here is a thought on getting more people to become paying customers.

Stop customizing the demos to provide them a fully working model. It’s understandable that large contracts often times require a custom demo tailored to that user’s specific needs. One option would be to cut the customization completely. If you value your teams time, so will your potential customer. Start with a very robust demo and charge the bare minimum to customize to their needs. If you find that every customer is asking for the same things, start integrating that feature into your demo.

Consider going the Freemium model. This is basically a more open idea to the suggestion above. Have a version of your software available for anyone to use. Limit it and charge for add-ons. The idea is to get people using your product and when they realize that they need more to keep going, they’ll pay for it. Also more people using your software helps generate buzz.

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