Is there really such a thing as work/life balance?

Running a small business can easily be a double-full time job.

Especially if you’re going at it alone.

When the lines between work and life starting blurring, you probably need to walk away for a bit. How long depends on you! Start with 2-3 hours during the middle of a day.

Walk away from everything work related and do something that brings you pleasure.

OH… this also means staying away from phones, or any screens for that matter.

The point is to remove any stimuli that can induce anxiety or thoughts about work.

If you want a biased suggestion, check out Float On!

Finally, how you plan out your day can determine if you feel overwhelmed with work quickly. Make sure that you don’t check email, messages, or anything for the first couple of hours after waking up. If you’re waking up right before you jump into work, that’s a whole other set of problems to be addressed later.

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