I provide a variety of services, how do I pitch them all?

Being a service provider that “can do it all” is a dangerous place to be in.

Early in freelancer careers, they try to fill the bank account by taking on whatever work crosses their path. They become a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Often, they don’t attract the big clients because bigger clients hire focused services. If your message is scattered, they’ll assume you’re scattered.

For example:
If you’re a marketing expert, you’re really an expert in a few things and can sufficiently perform in other marketing areas.

What you should do is find the niches that you’re an expert in and exploit those. Then up-sell your clients on the added services that you can do. However, trying to pitch everything doesn’t make for a clear message.

When you try to please everyone, you please no one.

On the flipside, you could run many different ads all advertising a single service. This option might prove useful to see what really gets responses from the public and what you should really be focusing on.

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