I’m having trouble communicating the technical side of my business to stakeholders.

The obvious answer is to find smaller words, use synonyms, or implement analogies to get your point across. However, this answer goes much deeper than that.

It all boils down to knowing your audience and why they’re interested in what you do.

Why are they interested in you? Speak in terms that convey how your technical feature relates to them. In other words, find ways to make it relatable and important to them.

Drop the buzzy, industry words that are commonly used to try show you’re an expert.

They’re called buzz words for a reason… To the non-industry professional, your words sound just like a bunch of buzzing.

Finally, refine your pitch. Be clear & concise when explaining what you do.

People can often process small pieces of technical gibberish, but when you bog them down with too much… “there’s that buzzing sound again.

Leave your explanation open to questions from them.
This way you’ll only share what’s important to them.

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