I’m make delicious desserts, but how do I turn that into a business?

There are no shortage of places to find delicious foods in Portland.

Thankfully there are also a ton of resources to help you get started.

Coming to (CAKE) Entretherapy is a good start. Unfortunately we meet once per month and you need to grow your business quicker than that.

To continue your business education, look into Mercy Corps NW. They have excellent (and affordable) first time entrepreneur classes that will help you focus on what’s important.

Also check out the MicroMentor volunteer program where experienced business pros guide you along an efficient path to producing a profit. Oh yeah, it’s free!

Finally, if you’re looking to get your confections into stores, coffee shops, etc. you’ll need to partner with a commercial kitchen. In most cases, you can’t easily turn your kitchen into a commercial kitchen.

To learn speciic details on starting a food business, you might want to sign up for a seminar at Oregon State’s Food Innovation Center.

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