I’m building an app with no funding or revenue. How can I get people to join my team?

This seems to be a classic scenario when starting up a tech company. Even if you’re a developer, in a lot of cases, you’ll need a team to help you sort through code. If you’re not a coder by any definition of the word, you’re starting from even further back in the race. However the good news is, it has been done. Here are a couple of good places to start:

  • Pitch your idea to Startup Weekend. They will help you validate that you even have a good idea before you begin investing in development. PLUS Startup Weekend is a hotbed of hackers and hustlers. Who knows… in 54 hours, you might have a good portion already started.
  • A lot of the time you can manually perform the services of the web app and charge money. This method isn’t viable for phone apps, but for web apps has proven effective. Some call it the concierge method, others call it the “Wizard of Oz” prototyping method. Act as if you’re live and do the work by hand. You’ll be collecting money which can help cover some developer costs.

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