I’m an artist and my income is inconsistent. I have a fairly large fan base, but how do I convert browsers into buyers?

In the age of social media, there is a fallacy that having a lot of fans or “LIKES” equals having lots of revenue. “Fans” are a vanity metric. It’s buyers that keep the business going. The good news is there are future buyers in those fans, it’s just a matter of finding out what they like and providing the content that will make them buy.

Take a step back and examine your current buyers.
What pieces did they buy?
How did they find out about you?

Take the opportunity to contact them and give them a quick and friendly customer interview. Do this by phone to earn bonus points. Can you imagine your favorite artist taking their time out of the day to call you? This could even strengthen their bond with you and encourage additional sales.

In all reality, it comes down to a numbers game. A percentage of your fans will become buyers. Keep growing your community and the revenue will continue to come in.

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