How can I get more press exposure?

Having other people talk about you is an amazing thing and the goal of most every business. When the person who talks about you is an influencer or media source, it can be like hitting the mini lottery.

One of the most important things that can help boost your exposure is to have a story worth talking about. If you perform a standard service in a standard way, it will be hard to find something that is buzz worthy to talk about.

Leverage something in your business that is unique.

The more you can create and write for the journalists the better. Make their job easy and they’ll love you. Especially when a lot of them have deadlines and are always looking for a story to break.

To find these people, look into similar stories that were written about your competitors or on topics in your industry. Usually authors like to write about a limited number of topics. When the writers are niche, they’re audience is carefully targeted and it will increase the odds of your story getting published.

Become an expert in finding out a writers contact information.

Approach them in a quick manner and put forward your best story.

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