How do I get my first few customers?

First you have to determine who “they” are.

If your answer is “everyone is my customer” you’re doomed to fail.

Start with your family and friends who fit the mold and see if they would buy what you’re selling. Your grandma doesn’t count as a sale, she’ll buy anything you’re selling.

Take the opportunity for ever “No” you hear to learn about why they wouldn’t buy. This early validation can help you perfect your sales pitch and offerings to better capture sales when you head out into the real world.

Don’t try to go after the big accounts first. Especially if sales are your strong point. Tackle the smaller accounts where the dollar amount of order aren’t high. Build momentum like a snowball. The more you talk about your product/service, they easier it will become, the more confident you’ll be, and the more sales you’ll snag.

Also try passive methods like Craigslist. Just remember the best way to get customers is to get out into the real world.

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