How do you deal with a hard working employee who has an attitude problem?

We understand that even the best workers can have bad days. However when those days can carry over to weeks and months, it can take a toll on the rest of the team. Even the most hard working member of your team shouldn’t be expendable.

Sit down with the person and have an honest talk with them. If it is something affecting them in their personal life, offer them some time off to handle matters. If they can’t take time off, then they need to be mindful of their behavior.

Be clear of the path that they are on if they don’t change.

If it is a personality issue and can’t be corrected AND you really like the person. Give THEM a notice that their job is ending and that they need to find new work. Offer them a letter of recommendation detailing how hard they’ve worked for you.

If you think they’ll be hostile or poison the culture of your business, then a simple firing may be in order.

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