We’re busy people, so much in fact that the only consistent time we show our faces in public is at CAKE. However, don’t take that as in we’re untouchable. We’d love to hear from you.

Don’t be shy, here are some ideas of things you can reach out to us about:

  • Nominate a Portland based business to be a free case study.
  • Request our expertise for private consulting or website creation.
  • Quick questions about a previous workshop.
  • Inquire about being a guest blogger.
  • or just say “Hi!”

We love getting packages!
If you’d like to send us a gift, do so at:
707 SW Washington St. Ste. 1100, Portland, OR 97205

If the telephone is more your sort of thing,
you can TRY to call us at: 503-877-3364
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Finally you can email us at:
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