What is CAKE?

recipe for cakepdxC.A.K.E. stands for Consulting And Knowledge Exchange (clever, huh?).

In our first year (2012) we held weekly workshops with a focus on sharing useful business tips that you can implement immediately. In 2013 we featured 13 Portland area businesses in the form of a case study (we like to call them CAKE Studies).

In 2014 we’re introducing the world to Entretherapy.
(As featured in the Portland Business Journal)

Crowd-source solutions to your most pressing questions in business on the last Wednesday of every month. Reserve your seat and come prepared to GET HELP (in a good way)!

…You guys are sowing the seeds of entrepreneurship.
-Stephen Green (Portland Development Commission)

Who doesn’t like CAKE?

(Chances are if it doesn’t say, “You like this.” … it’s you!)

Enjoy a Taste of CAKE

Helpful Videos

We’ve recorded over 30 hours of business tips from our regular gatherings and placed them on our YouTube Channel.

Handy Worksheets


Negotiating a Lease

We have worksheets to help you through nearly every business hurdle in our Free Resources section.

Inspiring Stories

Get inspired to start your business by learning from the experiences of established entrepreneurs in our Community ShowCAKEs.

Ingredients to a Perfect CAKE

Monthly Events

Join us at 6pm on the last Wednesday of every month at Chez Machin where we will offer up solutions to your most pressing business problems. These aren't events where the main goal is networking. Sure, you'll meet people, but you will walk away with information!

Reserve your seat to our next event.

Free Resources

For the past two years, we've been creating lessons on every step of getting your business running and crushing it. Then we put them all online, for free! Take a look at our:

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They Really Love Us!


Since the first CAKE workshop that I attended, I’ve gone back as often as my schedule allows. The hosts offer great, yet somewhat unconventional advice on how to start up a business with a more ‘boot-strapped’ approach.


Startups require verve, dedication, and a healthy bit of knowledge to succeed — for this last, story-sharing among founders is a great way to learn what you need to know, and CAKE offers it, along with a healthy slice of calories. As a legal professional, I appreciate how CAKE covers the pan but still explores the cutting edge.


CAKE provides, not just vague conceptual pieces of inspirations, but tangible information in order for you to confidently and with ease take the next steps to grow your business.